Sifu Jeremy Louie

Sifu Jeremy has been doing lion dance since the age of 5. He currently trains students in all aspects of the lion dance from lion head and tail to the instruments such as cymbals, gongs and drums. Jeremy also leads the Choy Lee Fut Pennant Hills Kung Fu Demonstation Team which includes a range of fist forms to a wide variety of weapon forms including swords to halberds. Jeremy has performed lion dance nationally and internationally in countries such as Chile, Argentina and China.

Sifu Chris Richardson

Sifu Chris has been doing lion dance for over 15 years. He teaches the lion head and lion dance tricks. Sifu Chris has performed all over Sydney from the blue mountains to the Sydney Opera House. He is adept in the Feng Shui of objects and Chinese ornaments as well as traditional table setting tricks. Sifu Chris trains students in traditional lion dance lifting and jongs such as pot jumping, bench and chair jumping. Sifu Chris has performed both nationally and internationally in China.