The Choy Lee Fut system has 18 different dummy sets. Each dummy set trains specific techniques or is used to condition certain parts of the body. This ranges from wooden dummies, sand bag dummies and even weapon dummies.

The two dummies covered in the Choy Lee Fut Pennant Hills basic curriculum are:

  • Sa Bao Jong
  • Ching Jong
  • Chune Loong Jong

“Sa Bao Jong or Sand Bag Dummy” is the first primary level moving dummy learnt. It teaches the student speed and reaction as well as timing. When executing the hand techniques it focuses on the alignment of the wrist. The wrist is important because if the wrist is not aligned with the hand it will bend when making contact with the heavy bag. This applies to the ankle when kicking as well. It also teaches the student stance work because as the bag goes through it pendulum motion, the student must be able to control the heavy bag on the return swing, or else, the force of the returning bag will displace or even uproot the student. Hand and leg techniques must be executed with accuracy. Accuracy is applied to kicking because if the bag is kicked off centre, it will cause the bad to spin which stops the student from executing the next set of moves. Speed, reaction and understanding how to bridge the bag is just as important, as being too slow will limit the amount of space before the returning bag can be counterattacked. The Sa Bao Jong teaches fast fighting foot, hand, and elbow power and balance.

“Ching Jong or Balanced Dummy” is a static dummy with mounted wooden arms made from hardwood. This dummy is used to condition the “kiu sou, forearms or bridge hands” as well as the shins. The dummy focuses on moving around the arms of the dummy, moving inside, outside, off the centreline and around the dummy. This movement is executed using offensive and defensive moves on 3 different planes. These planes are the head level, waist level and lower foot level. It teaches the students attacks and counter attacks using straight line and circular or angular attacks. “Larp kiu or grabbing with the tiger claw” is used during this dummy to grab limbs.

“Chune Loong Jong” is a dummy apparatus made from ropes tied to each leg on one end with the other connected to weights. This dummy is used to develop the horse stance building up energy and strength. It trains and conditions the muscles of the practitioner. The moves for the form is very similar to that of Hung Kuen. It uses the same energy as Ng Lun Ma and Ng Lun Choy, the basic forms of Choy Lee Fut. The practitioner must also used his Qi with the moves to harness the power to move the weights.