The Choy Lee Fut System

The Choy Lee Fut system is composed of seven areas of study. Kung Fu is the practice of external strength in the classic tradition of the martial arts. Complementing this is the Lohan Qigong system which develops inner strength of mind and body. In addition to these two disciplines, Choy Lee Fut incorporates traditional medical practices such as acupuncture and massage. The medical system complements the Kung Fu and Qigong systems with techniques and knowledge for healing both oneself and others. The primary source of knowledge in these three disciplines comes directly from Choy Fook, who taught Chan Heung these disciplines at Law Fou San. The combination of these disciplines creates balance and stability in the student’s internal world, or microcosm.

Additionally, Choy Lee Fut incorporates a system of traditional Chinese Feng Shui, which is designed to assist the development of balance and harmony in the external world, or macrocosm. The fifth area of study in the Choy Lee Fut system incorporates the tradition of Chinese Lion Dance practices and routines. These two areas of study were developed by Chan Heung based primarily on his experience and instruction from his uncles at Xin Hui and King Mui.There is also a symbolic aspect to Choy Lee Fut, which incorporates a series of short writings known as couplets and their interpretation. Underlying all of these practices is the seventh aspect of Choy Lee Fut, which can be likened to an ethical basis for all the other faculties and is summarized in a collection of ten codes of conduct.

•Kung Fu
•Feng Shui
•Lion Dance
•Ethical Code

There are a total of 148 forms in the Choy Lee Fut system. These are subdivided into three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Apart from the fist forms, there are also weapons as well as 18 different types of dummies, which are also divided into the three categories of primary, secondary and tertiary. Even Lion Dance routines are another category of the Choy Lee Fut system.